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Travel Africa Thru My Lens

We are planning a self-drive Photography expedition to Kenya and back. Our starting point being – Johannesburg (South Africa). We are planning to leave on the 10th of June 2018 and this expedition will take about 60 days to complete as we have to master 25,000 kilometres on rough roads.

We will share not just the planning of this amazing, yet challenging experience,but also interesting photography tips. This expedition will be broadcast via YouTube videos on social media. That means, you can experience our wildlife photography journey with us from the comfort of your home.

We are currently still busy finalising our route which I will share as soon as it is finalised. This will give you a better idea what it takes to travel Africa.

We are camping most of the time, as I believe if you want to capture nature, you have to be part of nature. By staying in hotels, you miss out on amazing opportunities.

A story through my lens

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Us as wildlife photographers absolutely love nature and are curios as to what beautiful things were put on this earth for our enjoyment.

When we see such amazing sights, it is a remarkable experience to be able to pay the picture from the human eye justice by photographing it with the right equipment to enjoy forever thereafter.

My 2015 winter photography tour to Japan – (Part 2 -My Adventure)

This Blog is a follow-up on “My 2015 winter photography tour to Japan 2015- (Part 1- The Planning) - To enjoy the full journey I would suggest that you read that blog first.    

Prayer for my Child -Signed- (Jananese Macaques) F BB-border copy-1

Finally my own image of Snow Monkeys (Japanese Macaques) – Photographer: Bruna Mentrup-Nortje


No, I didn’t fall of the face of the earth in Japan as some of my followers might think… Sorry I haven’t written in so long, I was hoping to have more time to tell all my followers about my amazing adventure, but it was much more demanding then I initially thought and didn’t get much time to write about it. So anyway… now I’m playing catch-up.

My 2015 winter photography tour to Japan – (Part 1 – The Planning)


Image taken by Bruna Mentrup-Nortje

brunaI am blessed to have the opportunity to blog my  16 day journey, keeping you posted whilst capturing Northern Japan during winter together with two ODP award winning wildlife photographers; Wim van den Heever, Ben Cranke, 12 other experienced photographers and one of Japan’s top guides to look after our safety. Enjoy this entire journey with me as we capture Japan’s incredible wildlife and landscapes spectacles. I will post images, share all trip preparation issues, various costs, camera equipment performance as well as  ’behind the scene’ issues which is normally not made public with you daily as this journey unfolds. You are more than welcome to leave comments and generally just enjoy this experience with me by using the comment box below.